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Posted by on February 22, 2013

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MIT has really been focusing in on what we feel is an extremely important area of interest to young minds, namely presenting a free online course for pre-university students called “The Big Questions”.   Our experience at iGifted School is that Gifted and Talented students really enjoy discussing and challenging each other about important things in their lives.  It is really enjoyable for us to create places where these exchanges can take place, which is why we have recently created a Big Ideas Chat Room for our students.

This course is described as:

With recent advances in physics (and philosophy), we are finally able to make some headway into some of the most pressing questions of the universe. We will explore such topics as the Big Bang theory, time travel, relativity, extraterrestrial life, and string theory. We will attempt to answer some big questions such as: Was there a beginning of time? Will there be an end? Is time travel possible? “     

iGifted School is pleased to present a link here on the public side of our site in order for all bright students to benefit from hearing about these topics from world class experts.  Students who would like to participate with other students chatting on these Big Questions will need to register, and create an avatar behind which they can join in monitored discussion within our safe and controlled space.

This program is a series of videos, complete with syllabus and readings.  “There are no formal prerequisites for this class. However, students should exist in actuality and be located inside a universe, preferably this one.”  Bazinga!

Here is the link to the MIT Big Ideas presentations….

We would love to hear your comments……..



Dr. Joy Lawson Davis

Dr. Joy Lawson Davis wrote on 02/23/13 12:49 PM

Excellent resource!! Teaching a graduate gifted ed curriculum course now and recently discussed teaching to the 'Big Idea' to prepare my students to write a curriculum unit. This site will be very helpful as a resource to them.
Jim O'Reilley

Jim O'Reilley wrote on 03/07/13 6:06 AM

Dr. Davis,

Thank you for your comments, and I've enjoyed our conversations. Hope we can continue to be of help.

Susanne Lund

Susanne Lund wrote on 03/14/13 2:45 PM

What a brilliant idea it is a tremendous inspiration. Thank You :-)
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chinatablet bolgs wrote on 07/11/13 8:06 PM

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